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The City of New Orleans Vintage Map printed on birchwood


The City of San Francisco Map printed on birchwood


The City of Brooklyn Vintage Map printed on birchwood


The City of Dallas Vintage Map printed on birchwood


Vintage Maps

We love wall art that gets people talking. From the places you've been, to the places you'd love to go, an antique map print can be a conversation piece. From whimsical constellation maps to detailed streets of 19th century Paris, we've got a vintage map for every wall.

  • 01.
    For a rustic feel, try an antique map printed on birchwood 
  • 02.
    We print on 1/2-inch thick birch with a visible natural grain
  • 03.
    19th century birds-eye-view maps provide a unique perspective
  • 04.
    Add a modern twist with vintage map prints on canvas or paper