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Submissions for Artists to get published:

We are always looking to discover new artists. Please email links of your work/your site to with “Submissions” in the Subject line. For security reasons, we will not open download submissions from the web. PLEASE NOTE: New Era Portfolio receives dozens of Submissions each and every day. We do review everything but unfortunately can not reply to each submission personally. Thank you in advance for thinking of us. There is no need to follow up once a submission has been sent. Thanks!

What type of artwork do you consider publishing?

To get a feel for whether your art may be appropriate for our collection, browse the images on this site that we currently publish. Overall, we like sophisticated imagery. Most of our images bridge the decorative and fine art ranges.

Do you want to see a representation of my work, or just pieces that are available for publishing?

We would most like to see art that is available for publishing; however, should you have samples of work that uniquely convey a certain look or feel and represent potential commercial value, we would be interested in reviewing this as well. If a graphic look you create could represent a significant addition to our collection, we will discuss with you the development of new pieces that incorporate this contribution, and thus create new works for publishing.

Do you ever commission artwork?

Sometimes we do commission new work, especially if we see art that moves us. We will let you know if this is the case.

How often do you publish artwork? When should I send pieces to be considered?

We publish throughout the year in small collections and the publication dates are usually established quarterly. Email submissions accepted at any time.

Am I required to sign a contract? What if I have artwork already published by someone else?

If we wish to publish an image, we will contact you to begin a dialogue about the terms of our agreement. We require that each artist sign a contract if she/he wishes to publish artwork with Gallery Direct. In accordance with that, we generally do not publish work by an artist currently under contract with another publisher. However, there are exceptions; please contact us privately with specific questions you may have.