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How to Create a Family Tree-Inspired Gallery Wall

If you're searching for ideas to display your family photos around the home, get inspired by this easy DIY arrangements that display your family history in a truly unique way: a family tree wall.

creating a family tree gallery wall

Starting with photographs of the oldest members of your family and ending with the youngest, we'll be arranging photos in the natural progression of a family tree. This gallery wall style looks best when you have plenty of vertical or horizontal space to work with, like in a stairway, hallway or entryway.


A transparent grid ruler makes this project extra simple since you can mark right angles and the space in-between photos without lifting the ruler. You can find them easily at most department, hardware and craft stores. You'll also need your digital family photos saved to one location on your computer.

creating a family tree gallery wall
Step 1

Go to the folder you've saved your family photos to. Make notes of their orientations so that you have a better idea of how you will be able arrange your photos together. Example: Horizontal – 10, Vertical – 5, Square - 1

creating a family tree gallery wall

If you would like to crop any of your images to fit a different orientation, do this now in Photoshop or Pixlr using the crop tool. Select the crop tool, make your selection and press enter. Save your photo.

cropping your photo cropping your photo
Step 2

Measure the space you plan on using

measuring a wall for a photo gallery

Matching the dimensions of your space, lay out a large enough sheet of paper to represent the size of your wall. You can do this in sections if your wall is large like mine.

measuring a wall for a photo gallery
Step 3

Using the large paper you've laid out, your photo orientation notes and clear grid ruler, trace out potential arrangements and sizes for your frames with a pencil. Keep in mind that these trace outlines will represent the full outer dimensions of your framed print, which includes the matting and frame width. This makes your paper guide a very accurate visual guide of what your final wall will look like.

laying out a gallery wall arrangement laying out a gallery wall arrangement laying out a gallery wall arrangement
Step 4

The next step is to order your framed prints. Using your outer dimensions, determine your print size.

ordering prints at gallery direct ordering prints at gallery direct
Step 5

Once your prints arrive, hang your paper guide to the wall.

ordering prints at gallery direct
Step 6

To make sure your frames hang where they are intended to, measure the distance between the tops of each frame to the hanging wire. Take this measurement with each frame and mark on your paper guide where the hardware should be installed.

measuring frames for hardware measuring frames for hardware
Step 7

Using your hammer, install the hanging hardware for each frame on the guide marks.

installing hardware for gallery wall
Step 8

Remove your paper guide carefully, leaving the hanging hardware installed on your wall. Hang your framed prints and enjoy!

hanging photos in a gallery display family tree gallery wall

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