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Photo Equipment

A great photograph doesn't require expensive equipment these days. These days there are a variety of digital cameras available for every type of photographer; from a camera phone to a DSLR. All of these cameras share similar settings and controls, which makes it easy and intuitive to change up your equipment.

different types of photo equipment

With that said, you should choose your camera based on the amount of control you want over your subject and quality of photograph you'd like to capture. If you wanted to make manual adjustments to your exposure, a camera phone wouldn’t be the best choice. Digital point and shoots and DSLR cameras produce a better quality photograph and allow for more control over your exposure through common (A) Auto and (M) Manual shooting modes.

(A) Auto modes are predetermined exposure for a specific subject

(M) Manual modes are manually set by you to create a unique exposure of your subject.

different types of photo equipment

About Candice:

Candice Benge

Candice is the Photographer and Videographer at Gallery Direct. Obsessed with all forms of Art and Photography, Candice very much enjoys using photo and video to capture the details of our Artist’s stories, their technique and the details of our unique fine art printmaking processes. She also enjoys frequenting and participating in art exhibits, growing fresh things to eat and spending time in the sunshine with her dog, Dragon and Hen, Hilda.