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Basketball by Bryant Falk
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Artist: Bryant Falk    Image Code: FK119A

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  • Artist: Bryant Falk

    Bryant Falk has lived and worked in NY City all his life. His love of what the urban landscape means to him comes through in his work. “I try to bring out the energy of an area in my pieces, both emotional and frenetic,” says Bryant. He can frequently be seen wandering the many neighborhoods looking for that perfect bit of inspiration. “I go through an amazing amount of shoes hiking up and down this town!” says Bryant. His technique includes the use of acrylics, computer graphics integration and lots of elbow grease. “I don’t want any rules when I’m making art. It’s my one time to really break free and just focus on bringing out what I believe works.” says Bryant. His development time on a piece can vary wildly. “Some just come together in a flash, while others have literally been years in the making,” says Bryant. As he continues to create he looks forward to seeing his pieces reach more and more people.“How your art reaches someone is really what it’s all about.” Bryant adds.  

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